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Pieces made by students

Márcia Pompeis’ Atelier – Brazil

Atelier MP

Márcia Pompeis’ Atelier is a center of activities directed to the teaching of artistic jewellery in it’s many areas.  

Having started it’s activity in 1997 in São Paulo’s capital, São Paulo – Brazil, the Atelier has as main target to offer first quality teaching through capable teachers and instructors, who are in first line active professionals. The Atelier also offers it’s own teaching material, and has a Library and a Video Library to consult from.  

With the aim of disclosing the fascinating art of Jewellery and it’s specialities to everyone, the Atelier offers many courses. The intention is to make an activity which, just a few decades ago, was passed on from father to son more accessible to all people interested. 

The interest of these people also vary:  

  • Beginners seeking a new professional activity

  • Professionals from other areas looking for a hobby, leisure or occupational therapy

  • Jewellers in search of improvement, retraining and new techniques

  • Artists seeing the possibility of working with new materials and working techniques.

Available courses:

One day a week is reserved for the “Free Atelier”, where the student can use the tools, facilities and equipments from the Atelier to get on with exercices or to produce new pieces, on his/her own, without the presence of any teacher or instructor. A small tax is charged per hour at the Free Atelier.

The  Márcia Pompeis’ Atelier has it’s own teaching material, produced by the School, which is at the disposal of anyone who cannot attend the classes in person.

Information and class bookings
Telephone 55 11 5181-7968 (only in portuguese)



Sala de aula

Sala de aula
Sala de aulas de joalheria em bancadas individuais

Sala de máquinas
Laminadores manuais e elétricos

Sala de máquinas e bancada para fundição de ligas

Bancada para a fundição de ligas

Sala de design
Sala para cursos de Design, Gemologia e Montagem do Colar de Pérolas

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